Friday, December 6, 2013

I Followed my heart and ended up here...

      I started making Setara Jewelry in November of 2011,  but back then it was just a few unique pieces for myself. I got a lot of inspiration living in Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas, just observing all the eclectic styles. I was also working in a hip salon where the latest trends are always walking through the door. Tired of daydreaming how my time could be spent better being able to create things anytime they came to mind and with the support of my awesome boyfriend who convinced me to quit my day job and pursue my dreams, I started teaching myself techniques and learning my tools. After months of designing and wearing my own pieces I started giving them out to friends and family and let the people choose my name. "Setara Jewelry" really stuck so I went with it. Now that my art has a name and the support of my friends and family it's continuing to grow and those ideas are still flowing. With new projects and styles to come Setara Jewelry is just getting started. It's more of a journey for me than a trend.


Setara Jewelry is a jewelry brand founded in Dallas, TX in 2011 by designer SeTara Vandiver. Inspired by individuality and the urge to create. Setara Jewelry is a blend of soft and edgy, modern and vintage to produce one of a kind pieces.


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